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Hooked On Phonics Reviews – Does It Really Teach Reading?

Hooked on Phonics Reviews

Hooked on Phonics Reviews – Does the Hooked on Phonics Set Really Help Your Child learn How To Read?


There are many Hooked on Phonics Reviews out there and many of them don't really answer you all the questions that you may have on your mind. This is why I wanted to make a difference with this one and tell you all the important facts and of course share the experience that I had with my own childs using Hooked On Phonics. "Learn to Read in a few days" is what Hooked on Phonics promises and they definitely do deliver. But let me start this slowly by first telling you what all you get with that great package of Hooked on Phonics and then tell you about my own experience.

Hooked On Phonics Reviews- Learn to Read with this easy system!

Only with the Hooked on Phonics Complete Set do you get all the important parts that enable your child to learn to read from the beginning. Other than with some other products that claim to teach your child, Hooked on Phonics program has a complete concept. First of all, you and your child – it is definitely recommended that you work together with your child – watch together a DVD that will teach how to read new words; starting from how to pronounce letters, over syllables up to words. Then it is time to use the workbook; first read it and then do the excellent exercises that will fortify what your child just learned. Afterwards, your child can read an exciting story that uses only the words that he just learned, so he can enjoy to see his new knowledge in practical use. 

What is Hooked on Phonics? What comes with the Complete Set?

The Hooked on Phonics Complete Set consists of the most recent media – You get 8 DVDs that feature animations and graphics that your child will love and enjoy learning even more. Also you get 8 excellent Workbooks that help your child practice. Because Hooked on Phonics is almost a guarantee that your child will love reading, the 36 Original Story books that come with the set are a great addition to get started immediately.  You don't need to be a teaching expert as Hooked on Phonics program comes with a Quick Start Guide that will tell you exactly how to get started and how to work with the set. For example, if your child already has some reading skills, you may be able to skip over the first lessons; the guide will tell you.

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Don't confuse this one with other Hooked on Phonics Reviews

The Hooked On Phonics Complete Set is (what most Hooked On Phonics Reviews don't mention) the most complete collection of all Hooked On Phonics products. Also, you've got to be careful not to confuse it with the older versions of the same brand. Hooked On Phonics has been around and proven itself for a while; this is why there are also many older versions that still relied on nowadays outdated tapes. Also, there are many smaller sets available like Hooked On Phonics Kindergarten, Hooked on Phonics First Grade or Hooked On Phonics Pre K. Those sets don't give your child the complete "Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Experience" and this is why I decided to go for the all-encompassing product. The Hooked on Phonics Complete Set is what my review here is going to be about, so don't confuse it with other Hooked on Phonics reviews.

You can watch this video of a satisfied Dad who talks about Hooked on Phonics and how it worked for his kids.

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Older Hooked on Phonics Reviews told you that the product is great – it got even better!

As I said already, there are older Hooked on Phonics program, but the one that I review here is the most recent, most comprehensive one. The creators used their experience of over 2 million sold copies to make use of the newest media available. Not only do you get the 8 DVDs, 8 accompanying Workbooks and 36 Story books, but also some exciting bonuses! The creators developed an Interactive Online program that engages your child even more. This program includes exciting games, printable worksheets and a tracker that shows your child's progress in the fashion of a board game that will make your child just as anxious as mine to cross the finishing line!

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My initial situation before buying Hooked on Phonics

Now that I told you everything about the product itself, it's time to share my own experience with the product with you. I am a 32-year old mother of two children, a boy who is 3 years old and a girl that is 5 years old. Not only does the system recommend it itself, but other Hooked on Phonics Reviews proof that all children from three to eight years of age can profit from this system. I shared this experience, too. Though it has to be said that the product isn't for every child – some simply don't like it. But thanks to the 30-day risk-free trial you don't have to take any chances, and a customer satisfaction rate of over 98 % speaks for itself.

My daughter shows that Hooked On Phonics Worked for Me!

I bought the Hooked on Phonics Complete Set because I wanted to give my 5-year old girl an advantage before I send her to elementary school. I didn't want to force her to learn and so the Hooked on Phonics system that is really made for children was just the perfect choice. I was a bit anxious that she might not like the system or she might get frustrated, but I found out that all those worries have been unnecessary. When the Hooked on Phonics Set arrived, I read the quick start guide and watched the first DVD together with my daughter. She totally enjoyed it and was glad to finally be able to make sense of all those funny letters and words!

Believe it or not, after only 3 days of exercise she was able to read the first Story book! Can you imagine how happy I was seeing my daughter succeed that fast? Now you can understand why I also tried Hooked on Phonics on my little boy. I don't want to be a kind of a super-mom that forces her children to learn all day long, but he enjoyed watching the DVDs as well. And even though it took him a bit longer, he was able to read after a week and now reads the Story books together with his sister. This is such a great feeling to see them both learn together!

Where Can I Buy Hooked On Phonics?

That is a good question and though you can buy Hooked on Phonics through other sources, I strongly recommend that you get it from the original manufacturer. Why? Because you not only get free shipping and handling, a 30-day risk free trial AND you can pay the price in installments, but also an assortment of other bonuses. You get the Advanced Reading Level course of Hooked on Phonics, so that your child can continue his learning experience after grasping the basics; also you get a bonus CD with exciting songs to sing along and a bonus DVD with stories, animations and music videos your child can dance to.

My Hooked on Phonics Reviews: Worked for Me – It sure will for you, too!

Out of my experience with Hooked on Phonics reading, I can just totally recommend it for your children. It is an all-encompassing product that will take them from their first letters up until the point where they can read the Story books all by themselves. Just give it a try, the 30-day risk free trial gives you the perfect chance to do so. The smile in your children's face when he reads a bedtime story to you will tell you more than any Hooked on Phonics Reviews.


  • A course that takes your children by the hand from their first letters to full story books.
  • 30-Day risk-free trial.
  • All-encompassing Reading Course for Children.
  • Developed by reading experts with experience from over 2 million sold copies.
  • Extremely child-friendly – every aspect was developed with children in mind.


  • Requires parents to work together with their children.
  • May not work with for every child.

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